A Day of Cathing Up!

Today was filled with so many laughs, hugs, and pure joy! It’s been too long since I got to see all of my babies and I’m so thankful we got to catch up today! I’m amazed at this amazing calling God has for me! Thank you Lord for blessing me so much more than I deserve and for putting my wonderful fiancé in my life that supports me every step of the way! I truly cannot do what I do without the support of others!  #missionaryatheart


Newest Fundraiser!

Drumrolllllll!! My newest T-shirt fundraiser is here! ALL profit goes directly to my mission work in the Dominican Republic to feed homeless street children!


Toddler sizes: 2, 3, 4, 5/6

Youth sizes: XS-XL

Adult sizes: S-3X


All shirts are $20 each! ($25 for 2x-3x)!

I can ship for $6 or if you are local to Moody you can pickup when they are ready!


Email me at caroline@dominicankids.com to order!


Last day to order is November 21! (Shirts should be in around the beginning of December)


Visit www.dominicankids.com for more information about my mission work and nonprofit in the Dominican Republic!


I am sooo excited about this shirt! It has a really personal meaning for me! I struggle so much with trying to achieve perfectionism. However the deeper I grow in my walk with the Lord, the more I learn that my imperfections are beautiful! Although the world expects us all to be perfect, that’s not realistic! So I will keep being Perfectly Imperfect and falling deeper and deeper in love with Jesus as I fulfill my calling! #missionaryatheart


Petete’s Recovery

Petete is recovering well from his surgery and stayed at our mission house last night. We weren’t sure how he would do but he did great! He woke up at 6:30am to watch cars in the bed with my dad. He is eating, staying hydrated, and doing great! We are hoping he will keep his bandages on that are covering his cast and not try to rip them off. Thank you Lord for protecting our sweet boy! #missionaryatheart


Petete Needs Prayers

One of our main street kids, Petete, is in the hospital. He got shot in the foot last night and the bullet went all the way through his foot shattering the bones in his foot in the process. He needs an operation but the free hospital he is at right now will not operate because they are “out of scrubs”. We are moving him to a paid for hospital and will pay for him to have the proper care and operation he needs. God always provides! It is very humbling to look at this picture and think about the fact that he is laying on a nasty hospital bed with no sheets, there is no AC in the hospital, he has no family, and is not receiving any kind of medicine other than simple IV fluids. Please keep Petete in your prayers today! #missionaryatheart

UPDATE**** Petete had surgery this morning and he just got out. He is doing well and is in a cast now. He is on some pain meds and antibiotics and is pretty loopy. He will stay at our mission house tonight and then will go back to the hospital this week to be rechecked. So far we have $1000 worth of medical bills for Petete from today. If anyone would like to make a tax deductible donation towards this, you can on the “Donate Now” page. Thank you all SO much for all of your love and support for our precious Petete!