Caroline's Story



I am a girl in her twenties that has a huge heart for kids and adults that have been abandoned and forgotten. I travel back and forth from the United States to the Dominican Republic multiple times throughout the year balancing my time being the hands and feet of Jesus in the Dominican Republic and being in the states raising funds and gathering supplies. In the Dominican, I work with the poorest of the poor in a town that has been abandoned and forgotten. It is my calling to be the hands and feet of Christ and to help the children and adults of the Dominican Republic see God’s love for them. I want each of them to know that they were made for a purpose! I want to make a difference in people’s lives that I can look back on and be able to say that little child’s life was changed because I answered God’s call. I want to spend my life serving our amazing God.

I am called to love the people one at a time, only then will they even be able to get a taste of God's love for them. I believe actions speak much louder than words!

I give God all the glory that I have been able to start feeding programs, medical care outreach, and multiple other things that take place all year long, even when I am in the United States. 

I am always fundraising and coming up with new ways to help my friends in the Dominican Republic! God is blessing what I am doing tremendously and I can always use more “hands and feet” both in the Dominican and in the United States!

Fun Fact: My sweet husband is one of #missionaryatheart’s biggest fans and he even proposed with some of my street kids in the Dominican! We even had a second wedding with our Dominican family!