Petete in the Hose

Thank you for keeping our kids safe.

The kids had a great week at the mission house. The best way to sum it up is this video where Petete is playing for the first time with a water hose. Good food, clean clothes, and lots of fun! And yet, while our kids were safe with us, in another area a 14 year old teenager was shot and killed for try to steal 50 pesos ($1.00). Another 16 year old teenager was stabbed and killed over a girlfriend.

You see your support does far more than just help feed our children. The money helps keep our kids safe and keeps them off the streets so they can just be kids for the day. Imagine trying to survive at 8-12 years old living on the streets with no money, no family, and no place to live while you are surrounded by drugs, violence, and waking up daily to the news someone was killed during the night. Thank you for supporting #missionaryatheart both financially and in prayer! Without your support none of this would be possible!


Very Hard News

Mission work is not always sunshine and rainbows...yesterday, I got some very heart shattering news. One of our 11 year old street girls was raped by a 17 year old. What breaks my heart even more is that I know and love dearly the street boy who did it and he used to come to our mission house but stopped coming months ago and started hanging out with the wrong group of friends. Now, I have 2 street kids both lost and broken for very different reasons. I would give anything to be in the Dominican right now to be able to scoop my street girl up that I know is so hurt and scared and just hold her, love her, tell her she is beautiful, and that she is always my girl, but most importantly God washes her clean. I would also give anything to be in the Dominican to hug my street boy that I know is so lost and broken for different reasons and tell him that I still love him and that more importantly God still loves him and will always forgive him. My heart is so broken today for my street kids and their families! Please join me in prayer for my kids as I believe there is power in prayer where 2 or more are gathered! #missionaryatheart


Hospital for Petete

Being a homeless street kid in a third world country is anything but dreamy. It’s not getting to play PlayStation and going to a 5 star school and having your mom do your laundry for you and cook you dinner every night. It’s having to truly fight for your life and wonder where your next meal will come from every single day. It’s getting in fights and having glass beer bottles busted over your head causing pieces of glass to slice your arm open. And instead of going straight to the hospital you run and hide for a few days because you’re scared of the hospital because so many people die at the run down local hospital so the infection in your arm gets worse and worse....


Petete got in a bad fight on Friday causing lots of glass to become embedded in his arm. Sunday he finally came to the mission house and my dad was able to take him to the hospital for stitches and to get the wound cleaned. He is in a lot of pain and we are praying the infection stays to a minimum!


My heart truly can’t take my street kids getting hurt all of the time! #missionaryatheart