2 months…

The parents of one of the boys that lives in one of the villages we take care of in the Dominican came to our mission house earlier this week asking for help for their son. The son (pictured) has had a piece of broken glass embedded in his foot  for over 2 MONTHS. The family is incredibly poverty stricken and tried taking the boy to the local hospital in town that provides free services, however they were told nothing could be done 😥 that’s a free hospital with little education in a third world country for you. Luckily the family knew about our mission and came to our mission house for help! We were able to remove the glass from his foot and clean his wound really well. You just never know what a typical day for #missionaryatheart might look like!


Meet john and ali

We have two brothers that have been coming to our mission house for a few years now. They live in a alone tiny shack with a leaky roof and one sleeps in a homemade hammock made from a sheet and the other sleeps on a makeshift bed he made out of sticks and a few thin T-shirt’s. 

The boys names are John and Ali. They have very little family support and consider us their family. They are older so we let them help out around the mission house doing differmotoent jobs in order to earn a little money and learn life skills. Well the boys truly surprised me and have been saving up all of the $ they have been earning at our mission house and put a down payment on an inexpensive motorcycle! Now they will have their own transportation to and from our mission house and they can earn money by giving others rides on their moto and start a job as a “moto coache”! I know this doesn’t seem like a big deal but they don’t get paid much at all when they help us out and rather than blowing the money they do make on something silly they saved up and spent it on something that will last and make a difference in their lives. 

These brothers have a speacial place in my heart and I am so proud of them! It is moments like these that make me realize we truly are making a difference, one at a time! #missionaryatheart 

Help us help John and Ali and other kids just like them!! Visit: www.dominicankids.com/projects



Happy Friday from #missionaryatheart! We are so thankful to be able to have the opportunity to invest in these kids and help them discover and live out their purpose! This is Bebolo...he has lived on the streets for most of his life and looks so forward to coming to our mission house for hot meals, clean water, showers, clean clothes, and a place he knows he is safe and secure. Bebolo has witnessed and experienced things that many could never even imagine. The violence in a third world country when you live on the streets is absolutely unreal. I am so thankful that our monthly sponsors are so dedicated to #missionaryatheart and make it possible for us to help Bebolo and all of our other kids in the Dominican. Meet our kids: www.dominicankids.com/projects