Pure Joy!

I graduate from high school on Thursday...happy dance! I truly never thought I would make it to this point and now that it's here it doesn't even seem real!
However, my graduation day has already been made. A few weeks ago when I was on my last trip to the Dominican my sweet friends surprised me and threw me a graduation party! I truly was surprised! When I got to the village that afternoon and realized what was going on I was so happy I started crying...and it takes a lot to make this girl cry! It truly was the best party I have ever had. We sang songs, played games, and just had fun! One of my best friends, Eddy, even dressed up as a clown!!! We had a homemade piñata made out of an old cardboard box filled with lots of paper shreds and a few pieces of candy. There were no presents, no fancy clothes and no expensive decorations involved...it was perfect! And at the end of the day, everyone that came was given a hot meal. I couldn't ask for a better present!  I could talk all day about how amazing my surprise graduation party was but I think a picture is worth a thousand words... #missionaryatheart