Tropical Storm

Tropical storm...6-8 inches of James weather reports...pouring rain for a solid 48 hours. 
Imagine rain pouring in the holes in your tin roof. Rain blowing in through the holes in your walls and soaking what little you have. Your dirt floor has turned into total mud. 
Imagine the water that has filled the village and the kids are playing in is filled with disease and garbage.
Imagine that soggy wet feeling you get sometimes where you just want to get dry and take a hot shower. That's impossible right now. You can’t get dry. You can’t take a hot shower, put on clean clothes, and snuggle up in your warm and cozy bed. 
Welcome to a storm in a third world country.
My friends are soaked...they are wet and I can’t help. I offered my bed but that will only sleep 2 or 3 people. The floor will sleep a few more. But what about the tens of thousands that can’t come in out of the rain? 
I can’t imagine being so wet. I truly can’t. But this is life for my friends.  
My friends are wet. And all I can do is pray for sunshine.