Christmas Baskets

62 christmas baskets were given out to 62 different families this past week! That means we fed over 500 people with these baskets! The amount of thank you's I have received has been unbelievable! This was the best and most rewarding gift these families could ever receive for Christmas! Thank you to each and every person who purchased a packet so these baskets could be made possible! The hardest part of the whole process was the other 100 families that would come to us asking for baskets and food because they were hungry and needed to feed their families....imagine trying to tell someone you don't have another basket for them or any food or money to give them....mission work is hard! However, I have to remember to focus on everyone I have been able to help. I will never be able to help everyone but as long as I help just one person and change that one persons life, I know I am fulfilling my purpose! Thank you again for all of your help with my Christmas project this past year friends!#missionaryatheart