Rain Rain Rain

Going on day 3 of complete and total rain in the Dominican. Soaked kitchens, soaked beds, and muddy streets. Rain in the DR doesn't mean snuggling up and watching movies or running errands in your $150 Hunter rain boots. Rain in the DR means spending countless hours with no sleep because you're trying to keep what little up have dry even though your roof has huge holes and water is pouring in. It is not being able to go to work because your motorcycle tires are too bald to function in such rainy conditions. It is having sick kids that you can't afford medicine for because they have been in wet clothes for 3 days now because it's all they have to wear. But you know what really humbles me? The fact that in 3 1/2 years I have never once heard anyone in the Dominican complain when it rains. Most people think I am changing my friends in the Dominican, but they are truly changing me. #missionaryatheart