Today was our Christmas celebration at the mission house and I am so sad I wasn't able to be there! Our closest friends and street kids came and celebrated together! There was food, a bible study, cokes, and candy. There was nothing but smiles today as JESUS was celebrated! This was the only Christmas celebration all of our friends and street kids will have. They won't wake up in the morning to a Christmas tree full of presents from Santa. Some will wake up on the sidewalk that they call their bed and others will wake up in a tiny tin shack that they call home. The only present everyone will receive is the giant pixie stick we surprised them with at the mission house today. However, my friends and street kids in the Dominican are thrilled and filled with Christmas spirit. It's not about presents and extravagant meals, it's all about JESUS! The real reason for the season! I am truly in awe that God picked me to help show our little town in the Dominican Republic the love of Christ and the true meaning of Christmas! #missionaryatheart