Rainy Season

It's considered the "rainy season" right now in the Dominican. I would say that's accurate considering it's rained for about 2 weeks straight with only a few hours of sunshine here and there. As much as I love the rain...my heart breaks for all of my kids in the Dominican! Rain in the Dominican=a complete and total mess! When you have dirt floors and roofs with more holes than covered spots, the few things you have in your house get ruined. And my poor street kids. They can't escape the wet y'all. They are soaked all the time. And at the mission house since it has been raining so much we can't even hang the boys clean clothes outside to dry because they just get wet again in the rain. This is a picture of one of our street kids "bathing" outside at the mission house. Prayers for my kids. If I could take their place, I would in a second. #missionaryatheart