Larimar Mines

Today was a day to be remembered! Today we went to the larimar (a gorgeous aqua blue stone that is found only in the town we live in in the Dominican that is made into jewelry to be sold) mines to find Allesander. Allesander is an orphan who gets bounced around to whichever extended family member wants to keep him....he captured my heart so much last year I even had a painting made of him. This boy will forever have a special place in my heart and if I could take him home with me I would in an instant! And the conditions at the larimar mines, I can't even begin to put into words how humbling. The men working at the mines go 300 feet underground in a 3ftx3ft hole HOPING to find larimar. I have never seen more harsh and rough working conditions. The manual labor performed is insane. And the men receive only a few dollars per day. After 4 years of being a missionary I've seen a lot of humbling things, but the conditions I saw today are like nothing I've ever seen before. Tonight, I am feeling insanely humbled. #missionaryatheart