Mission House


"It is a house of many cultures, many languages, and many colors. It is a house of laughter, and tears, and sometimes frustration, but mostly elation. It is a house of praise and worship and thanks. It is a house that is usually teeming with children, laughing and dancing and singing and just being kids, something many of them have never had a real opportunity to do. It’s always a loud house, and it is always a grateful house. It is our mission house. But mostly it is God’s house....
This house has become a home, not just to us but to hundreds. It holds my heart. It holds so many lessons. It is a place where children can be children, where people can know that they are important and special and loved. It is a place where people can accept Christ and learn about Him and grow in Him. It is our mission house, but mostly it is a house of the Lord." -Katie Davis #missionaryatheart