Help Us!

Meet Francheka. She is hungry and we do not have the resources to feed her. Our street kids feeding program has rapidly grown from 30 children to SEVENTY-SEVEN children and we simply do not have enough money to feed the 47 new children. We have sponsors that help us feed 30 children but if we do not get more sponsors we will have to turn away Francheka and many kids just like her. Please consider signing up to be a monthly sponsor! Our sponsorship program needs new monthly commitments of $25-$100 from many new people in order for us to be able to keep feeding and clothing all of the kids. All of your donations are tax deductible! I can promise you that every penny of your donation will go directly to our street kids! We truly cannot do what we do without people like YOU! Visit the "Our Projects" tab for more information! #missionaryatheart