Amputation Help Needed!!!

Meet Santa, a precious lady that came to the mission house this morning for help with her incredibly infected foot. Although we keep our mission house stocked with lots of medical supplies, Santa's foot is out of our league. She has no food and no concrete floor at her home, which means she for sure does not have money for medical care. Santa needs to immediately go to Santo Domingo (the capitol which is 3 hours away) to the hospital and she cannot get there without financial help. She needs immediate care to see if the doctors in Santo Domingo can save her foot that most likely needs to be amputated. If she waits any longer to get to the hospital, the doctors will likely amputate her whole leg or it will become septic and she could die.

She and her daughter (pictured) are both desperate for help! If you would like to make a tax deductible donatation towards getting Santa the medical care she needs and deserves, please do so at this link:

I can guarantee that 100% of funds will be used directly for Santa's medical care. 

Please pray for Santa and her daughter as this is a very scary time for them both. #missionaryatheart