Today I'm hurting. My heart is in a million pieces but I also have a peace surrounding me. That peace is because of each and every one of you. Every prayer, every finacnical contribution, everyone who shared Rosie's story, every donation...I am so thankful and I can never tell you that enough! For me, meeting Rosie is where all of my mission work began. Laying in a urine covered bed, sweating, swatting flies away, and just holding Rosie and singing praise music to her 5 years ago is where it all began for me. 2 year ago today my girl went to heaven. The sickness became too much and God wanted her healed and in His arms. I miss my girl more than I could ever put into worlds but I'm thankful she's healed and dancing with the Angels. The fact that I found out she was dying and in less than 24 hours I had all the funds raised to get to the Dominican to say my goodbyes and give her the funeral she deserved is unreal! I truly cannot thank each and every one of YOU enough!  #missionaryatheart