Petete Prayer

4 years ago everyone told us not to help him because he was crazy. 4 years ago people told us he was stupid. 4 years ago people told us he would never amount to anything and we couldn't make a difference in his life. 4 years ago he had never heard the words "I love you" being spoken to him. 4 years ago he went to sleep each night wondering where his next meal would come from. 4 years ago he had never had anyone pray for him. 4 years ago he felt lost, unloved, and abandoned. This is Petete and for 4 years we have been feeding him, bathing him, giving him clean clothes, and loving on him every single day. When Petete first started coming to our mission house 4 years ago, he peed in the kitchen, jumped on the counter to unscrew the light bulbs, and didn't know how to use a bar of soap in the shower. Now, he is saying the prayer in front of 100 of our other street kids during our daily devotion at the mission house! This may seem small, but to us it is huge! And we believe in celebrating every tiny victory with our kids! When you donate to aren't just sending are changing lives!