Hurricane Irma

I have had a lot of people message me checking in our little town in the Dominican with hurricane Irma makes my heart so happy to know that so many people love and support #missionaryatheart!

Today, we started prepping for hurricane Irma. The roof on our mission house could not possibly stand through another bad rain and especially not a hurricane so we had to get it fixed. Some friends of ours (with the help of our older street kids) worked hard all day fixing the roof! They will finish the process tomorrow. Although this was not something that we were wanting to spend funds on right now, it had to be done for our mission house!

Many have asked what they can do for our little town in the Dominican as we prepare for hurricane Irma? You can pray! The kids and families in the Dominican (and everywhere that is in the line of the storm) need our prayers now more than ever!  My Dominican kids and families don't have James Spann or the weather channel. They aren't able to go stock up on groceries and their favorite movies in preparation for the storm. They are scared the storm will destroy what few belonging they own in their rusty and leaky tin shacks. They are nervous because most of them work outside and they know if it is raining they cannot work which means they cannot feed their families that day. They are anxious because they know rain leads to sickness and they cannot afford to take their children to the doctor for medication. My street kids are scared to death because they call the streets home and have no idea what to expect. (My street kids are going to stay at our mission house during the storm if they need to).

Although we are hoping that the mountains that surround our little town in the Dominican help tame the storm, we are trying the best we can to prepare for the worst in a third world country.

Please pray for safety and peace for my dad and all of my precious kids and families in the Dominican Republic as hurricane Irma approaches. #missionaryatheart