What Is He Thinking About?

This is a picture of one of our street kids in the Dominican Republic that is very humbling to me. What is this little boy thinking about? What is he going through currently in his life? Is he thinking about the poverty he lives in? Is he sad? Is he thinking about a fight or scene he witnessed the night before? Did someone say something hurtful to him? Is he missing his mom and dad and wishing they would want him? Is he wishing his brother or sister were still alive to play with him? Did someone try to take advantage of him? The trauma that our street kids have experienced in their little lives is unbearable to think about. However it is a heartbreaking reality for every single one of the kids that come to our mission house each day. Some hide it better than others, but they have all expeirienced things that no child ever should. Yet I find peace in knowing that we have a God that will bring strength, hope, and love to every single one of our kids in the Dominican Republic! In that, I find peace! www.dominicankids.com/donate-now/