Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from #missionaryatheart! We are so thankful for every single person who loves and supports our kids in the Dominican!

Yesterday, I couldn’t help but be a little sad every time I thought about how much $ goes into Thanksgiving in the United States, how much food will be wasted, and then how crazy some might be over Black Friday. Don’t get me wrong, I love Thanksgiving and spending special time with family however my heart always breaks for my Dominican kids. My sweet Dominican babies will never experience a day like most of us do on Thanksgiving. However, they are all just so beyond thankful to be able to come to our mission house in the Dominican everyday for a hot meal, a bath, clean clothes, and a safe environment. This year for Thanksgiving, I’m so super thankful that we are able to take care of and show love to so many kids in the Dominican Republic. Even when most days I have no idea how we will do it financially, God always provides! www.dominicankids.com