Petete in the Hose

Thank you for keeping our kids safe.

The kids had a great week at the mission house. The best way to sum it up is this video where Petete is playing for the first time with a water hose. Good food, clean clothes, and lots of fun! And yet, while our kids were safe with us, in another area a 14 year old teenager was shot and killed for try to steal 50 pesos ($1.00). Another 16 year old teenager was stabbed and killed over a girlfriend.

You see your support does far more than just help feed our children. The money helps keep our kids safe and keeps them off the streets so they can just be kids for the day. Imagine trying to survive at 8-12 years old living on the streets with no money, no family, and no place to live while you are surrounded by drugs, violence, and waking up daily to the news someone was killed during the night. Thank you for supporting #missionaryatheart both financially and in prayer! Without your support none of this would be possible!